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Welcome To Beachner Companies

   Beachner Companies is a family owned business in Southeast Kansas.
The founder of Beachner Companies was Fred Beachner.
Beachner companies has a tradition for providing 
quality roadwork, quality seed and providing area farmers
  with services and products to meet their needs.     

Our History


   Fred and Anna Beachner’s earliest venture into farming-related business was the start of their family’s merging of agriculture with other business over the next several decades.  Fred was a farmer who became a businessman when he helped popularize a Korean legume crop that was introduced into the United States in the 1930’s.  By the 1940’s Fred was processing and shipping lespedeza all over the southern United States.During the 1940’s Fred installed a seed cleaner which separated trash, weed and other foreign material which processed the lespedeza into a relatively pure product.  The Seed was bagged and shipped over the southern United States to produce lush pasture for livestock on worn lands.  

The 1950’s brought another big change to the Beachner operation as well.  Sons, Bill, Bob, Jerry and Eugene started in the construction business.  Their earliest jobs, a natural outgrowth of their involvement in farming, was seeding.  Beachner was soon doing projects such as bridge, roadside parks, seeding, lighting, asphalt, bituminous sealing and micro surfacing.

   Federal farm policies emptied area elevators as the government payment to store grain ended in the mid-1980’s leaving many elevators for sale.  This provided major expansion as Beachner Grain Inc. purchased elevators in several area towns.  Today Beachner Grain Inc provides a place where local farmers can sell their crop at a location nearest them.  Beachner Grain Inc also sells many products, such as fertilizer and chemicals needed to help farmers produce a high yield crop. 

Beachner Construction

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Beachner Companies

6th and Central Street.

St. Paul, Kansas 66771

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